I have a good sphere of influence and am visible in the community, active in clubs, church, and other organizations
I am enthusiastic about running my own business
I have financial stability
I am willing to build a business plan for long-term income security
I am honest and trustworthy
I am willing to take required classes and training
I want to be rewarded based on my production
I enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from working hard
My family is prepared to support my long hours at work
I want to be part of an experienced team
I recognize the value of a good reputation
I possess good communication skills
I present myself well and dress well
I am motivated to succeed, whatever it takes
I can handle setbacks and solve problems
I am considerate, polite, and kind
I am not interested in being average
I am affable, outgoing, and willing to introduce myself to others daily
I have a lot of physical and emotional stamina
I am looking for a long-term career
I know what it means to satisfy a customer
I am willing to work evenings and weekends
I am an organized person and can handle lots of details
I know how to set priorities and goals
I enjoy making decisions
I enjoy the results of hard work

If you’ve answered “YES” to most of these statements then you’re ready to learn more!