Agent Services

“London Properties Has the Answers!”

In 2015,
a London Properties associate

participated in a property sale every 2.9 hours – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days. That’s more than 2,988 transactions!

At London Properties we provide the tools to help you get more business and make more money. We offer a dedicated marketing team, mentoring program and management support to ensure you reach your full potential.

Bringing Your World To You

London Properties can make your life easier by bringing the world to you. Our climate-controlled, emergency-powered and secured central computer system instantly delivers your transaction data, forms, emails, communications, marketing systems, and everything you need to do business, directly to your home, your cell or any location anywhere in the world. Now that’s wired!

Now You’re At One Address

We’ll provide you with your own free private email account, allowing you to send mass emails to all 400 associates, managers, branch offices, and support staff with one easy click. We’ll even forward all your existing Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to one location. No more checking multiple accounts. Everything you need to do business will now go directly to your office, your home, your cell, or any location in the world. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Supporting You

Losing money because there’s not enough time? Details and paperwork bringing you down? We’ll provide you a full-time personal assistant or transaction coordinator on a file-by-file basis to do the detail stuff. Your files will be better organized, your sales will close faster and, best of all, you’ll be free to make that next sale. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Marketing You

Need help designing and implementing a personal marketing program? London Properties provides our sales associates free counseling from an independent marketing consultant who will design your own personal career-builder program. We’ll even produce your new custom marketing materials at discounted prices. Need dozens of FREE postcards to mail with your name and number? We got that! We’ll even address and post them for you. Hit up Reliance Marketing, London’s in-house, full-service marketing department. Save time – visit and design and order your materials online with our custom software. Now you can control your own mailing campaigns from home on the fly. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Email On Steroids

Need to send an urgent mass email regarding important needs, wants, status changes, price reduction or whatever to all 400 of your colleagues? We got that! All London offices and all our associates are connected through the same email server. You can instantly communicate to the entire company no matter where you are – at the office, at home, or on the road via your mobile device. Need someone to cover your open house? No problem! One quick message will get you a response. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Providing Client Info 24/7

Need easy access to all of your transaction information at home? We got that! With RealTrak, London’s proprietary transaction management system, all your important info is available to you 24/7 from anywhere in the world. RealTrak will automatically update your client contact and database and it will keep you in their mind by emailing your marketing material weekly, monthly, or whenever you want. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Info On The Fly

Need to answer a client inquiry, find the sales price or provide detailed listing data to a client when you’re nowhere near your office? We got you covered! With, simply enter the property address on your cell and you’re good to go. Complete MLS information, including photos, will appear like magic. Any listing, any broker, any property, anytime, instantly on your cell. has data for every MLS from Merced to Hanford including Oakhurst and mountain communities. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Bringing The Future To You

Feel overwhelmed keeping up-to-date with all the Real Estate tech stuff? Our full-time tech savant sends out weekly tech tips, attends technology conferences, and visits London offices weekly to demonstrate new tools to make sure you have access to every tech tool available. We’ll provide regular workshops on how to use social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, document signing, and all the new apps. Our tech training is FREE to London associates. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Getting It Online

Need to write up a sale or counter at 11 p.m., but no forms are available? We’ve got you covered 24/7. Simply go to RealTrak, our custom intranet site. You’ll find all CAR ZipForms, as well as every disclosure, London Forms, and all the other documents you’ll ever need. Print right to your office, home, or anywhere in the world. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

More Tech Action

Your computer too slow, crashed, or bugged? We’re here to help. Bring your ailing system to one of our in-house computer techs and you’ll be back up and running in no time. You know that every London office provides free wireless internet connection, but we’ll even install your own wireless connect system at your home. We’re the only Real Estate firm in Central California with our own in-house tech team. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Keeping You In Touch

Need to keep your clients posted on new listings? We got that! At you can sign them up for Find-It-First updates. They’ll get all the new listings in their mailbox each morning. Not just from one MLS, but from all four major Valley MLS’s. Every listing, every broker, every MLS, one easy search. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Making You #1

Want a bigger presence online? We have our own in-house programmer to help you design a kickass website. We’ll connect you with MLS search capability throughout the Valley, links to any community information, email to your cell and more features than you can imagine. We even provide you a FREE individual website for every one of your listings. We’ve made the number one Real Estate site in Central California and we can do the same for you. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

More Ways To Grow

We can all learn from each other, but you’ll never find a Real Estate company where you can learn as much as you can at London Properties. Our London Launch training is designed to get your career of the ground quickly. In addition we offer online classes that you can take from home or anywhere in the world. Each London office has weekly sales meeting, legal updates, and tech training. You will receive tech tips, legal tips, and other important stuff daily via our company wide email intranet. No Real Estate company anywhere gives you more training. Any questions? We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

We Make It Happen

We’re a big family and, unlike most big families, our size does not mean you get less attention. You’ll actually get more. We divide our associates into squads of 10 or less. Not only will you have more fun playing on a team and challenging other squads but you’ll receive more care and encouragement. Your squad leader will be meeting with you weekly to check your commitments and your progress. They’re like your mentor, and are available to answer questions and provide constant motivation. In addition, our Sales Managers and Brokers are available by cell 24/7 at London Properties. You’re never alone. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.

We’ve Got Your App

Listing appointments are easier than ever with our complete iPad listing presentation. Your clients will be convinced that London and you are the only ones in the world to represent them. Our state-of-the-art technology provides a completely paperless process. We’re here for you anytime, anywhere in the world.